Bantu Photos – FAQS

Bantu Photos is an Africa-related stock resource company that licenses professional royalty-free photos, vectors and video that can be incorporated into any creative or editorial project. The Bantu Photos library comprises multiple collections of unique visual stock that captures people, landscapes, wildlife and all that is African in nature and outlook from perspectives relevant to a large number of topical issues. Tons of images and videos from different types of categories that have a connection to Africa can be found and downloaded from Bantu Photos.

The first step to downloading content on Bantu is to create an Account.

The first step to downloading content on Bantu is to create an Account.

You can then download content from the site and pay for what you need. There are three easy payment plans to choose from- Basic, Premium or enterprise subscription.

To See the Bantu Photos subscription Plans & Pricing, click here.

All Bantu Images are royalty free and come with a subscription and a standard license for use.Bantu photos lets you buy subscriptions that allow you to pay a flat fee per month and download a limited number of photos. They can be used for commercial purposes but that will come with some restrictions. Each simple price plan gives you the flexibility to choose according to your budget and or your usage.

Basic Premium Plan:

  • Pay As You GO
  • One of payment
  • Individual account for registered buyers only
  • More Legal Protection
  • Unlimited physical protection (unlimited usage)
  • Download images within the year
  • Access to entire collection

Teams Plan (Annual Subscription):

  • Multi access for up to 4 or more users
  • Team subscription option
  • Annual subscription only
  • Additional Savings
  • Use of 250 Images monthly
  • Access to entire collection

The premium plan gives you more privileges and rights to use our images when printing over 500,000 copies and usage on billboards, and digital media. This plan gives you access to our entire collection with more legal protection and usage rights.

Subscription plans will now be paid monthly or annually. For annual subscriptions, you can only use your images for one year after purchase date. After which all used images expire. For standard and standard premium subscription plans, once the monthly image quota has been used, customer must wait until the next month to get the quota renewed. Unused images will expire from month to month. PLEASE NOTE that the license for images that were not used in a project within 6 months after the end of the subscription will expire. This means the buyer can no longer use them in any way. However, all images used in a project before this date are owned by the buyer forever, and can be used in other projects as well.

For our detailed pricing and Subscription Package for teams click here

Stock photography is an affordable, easy-to-use visual content depot where the attendant needs for creative projects can be met today without taking on the services of a professional photographer.

Stock photos are licensable images that can be used to enhance work it is integrated into.

It better helps to communicate editorial message, corporate and personal designs/projects, conventional or unconventional media. To buy now click here

Creative prints and digital projects require beautiful and appropriate Stock vectors. Stock vectors will save the hiring cost for a professional illustrator. Stock vectors are licensable illustrations fashioned to fit into overall work. Like the photos and clips, they are an essential staple that assist in the projection of ideas. The exceptional aspect of vectors is that they can be scaled to any size without loss in quality, making it a valuable resource in design, especially print.

Stock video is footage that can be incorporated into a creative or editorial project. Some of the many uses it can be put to are, multimedia presentations, social media posts, videos for web, documentaries, films, TV advertisements and more. Stock video can be a huge help to videographers or filmmakers because of its time saving benefits and the opportunity it affords in getting difficult, uncommon shots.

You’re buying a royalty-free license which means you pay once and are permitted to use the image or video clip multiple times.Please note:

Your license is for one user on one computer, but you may use the image or video clip for numerous projects.

There are points to consider concerning the use of visual stock.

The Bantu team suggests that in situations involving real people, like when drawing attention to people in an organization, personal photos are the best to use. Though it may look amateur or lack the professional touch, personal photos do better at representing an organization or its people.

It is also important to remember that there are many photographers and filmmakers who cannot wait to be invited over for personalized photo or video shoots and they can be found online or even within the organization.

The best use of stock photos and video is for conveying ideas and concepts or serves as a building block for your overall creative work.

Bantu Photos contributors have a rare opportunity to be part of the Africa’s largest online stock photography database.

By contributing to Bantu Photos, you get a chance to reach various buyers across the globe interested in buying African stock photos and footages from which you can earn residual income on over and over again for your creative assets.

The first thing you need is full ownership rights to all digital content uploaded.

All Bantu Photos contributors must ensure they solely own all creative assets (photos & footage) uploaded or otherwise own and control all the rights to use them.

All Bantu Photos contributors must be adult (i.e. at least 18 years of age).

Contents containing recognizable people or private property must have an attached signed release to such content.

You can sell photographs and footages on Bantu Photos. The categories covered include (but are not restricted to) Arts & Craft, Family, Modern Architecture, Festivals, Infrastructure, Marriage, Backgrounds, Beauty, Black Backgrounds, Beauty, Black, Buildings, Business/Finance, Commercial, Corporate, Crafts, Dance, Editorial, Education, Emotions, Fashion, Food and Drink, Icons, Industrial images, Illustrations, Infographics, Landscapes, Music, Nature, Parents, People, Praise, Power, Scenery, Security, Studio Photography, Travel, Vectors, Wildlife and Nature.

We have a comprehensive document explaining our legal requirements, categories of licensing and associated guidelines. Click here

Supported File formats include:

Images (photos or illustrations):

  • JPEG format only
  • Minimum image resolution is 4MP (megapixels)
  • Maximum image resolution is 100MP (megapixels)


  • Videos must be uploaded through FTP.
  • Minimum video resolution is 1280x720. However, we recommend recording in Full HD, 4K DCI, or 4K UHD.
  • File format must be: MOV, MP4, MPG, or AVI format.
  • Duration needs to be at least 5 seconds and not exceed 60 seconds.
  • Maximum file size: 3900MB (3.9GB)
  • Avoid vertical or square framing.

The quality of photographs must be of the highest quality possible so that it can serve the uses of the variety of clients we have. Utmost caution must be taken to avoid and issues relating to intellectual property or copyright. We are building the largest database of African stock photography and our customers across a wide range of industries and our clients require high quality resolution, relevant, current and authentic content.

Content ownership information is of paramount importance and should be provided with the highest level of integrity.

Every photograph uploaded to Bantu Photos is uploaded under a specific license; the buyers are therefore required to use the creative assets within the licensing guidelines. Buyers, depending on their industry are however at their own discretion on the use of content from Bantu Photos. Bantu Photos Contributor’s content just like usual stock content will be used for online or offline advertisements, branding, publications, software, product packaging and digital design. We however do not accept the use of the content for logos or sensitive and defamatory topics.

Every time someone purchases your content on Bantu Photos, you get up to a 50% commission for photos.

Exclusive content sale is subject to negotiation. Kindly contact us for details.

Content captured with the use of camera is acceptable content taken from any camera, only on the grounds that it meets our legal, technical and quality standards. Please see what kind of content can I sell on Bantu Photos?

Yes, you should be aware of any logos and trademarks that appear in your images or footages. These are strictly forbidden and must be removed before submission. If your content contains recognizable persons, buildings, locations, or intellectual property such as objects, artwork, sculptures, or designs, a Model or Property Release may be required.

If your image, vector, or video features an identifiable person you will need a Model Release. If it features intellectual property or private property such as buildings and locations, you may need a Property Release.

If you suspect unauthorized use of your content or have licensing questions related to a client’s usage, please contact us immediately.